2BCF assembles two dynamic carts to be used in classrooms or after-school programs. These carts offer a variety of tools and materials that can be used in the implementation of a variety of STEAM oriented activities. Not only do these carts keep your classroom inventory organized, but they can also be moved around from classroom to classroom.

NASA B.E.S.T. Program Cart

NASA’s B.E.S.T. (Beginning Engineering, Science, & Technology) Program is a collection of 9 space themed engineering challenges, designed for students in grades K-8, with 3 age appropriate levels of curriculum. Activity Guides are free and available here.

T4T’s NASA Cart was developed in collaboration with NASA to support the B.E.S.T. curriculum. Our carts have been designed with a wide variety of inspiring open ended materials and tools and are easily integrated with a variety of other STEM projects.

NASA Cart $1200 & Cover $100

STEAM Cart (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

The STEAM Cart is a more ‘all-purpose’ cart, outfitted with a diverse selection of materials from our warehouse to support exploration, and design, working with open-ended materials. For project ideas check out our lesson plans. This cart also includes a few basic tools helpful with project based learning. We think of it as a STEAM Lab on wheels.

STEAM Cart $1200 & Cover $100

NASA B.E.S.T or STEAM Cart $1200


Cart Cover $100

Materials Refill $400