We have built more than 140 steam lab makerspaces so far.
Most of them in Title 1 schools PLUS one coming soon in a library!


It’s a makerspace that inspires integrative learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Our STEAM Labs Makerspaces are outfitted with tools, materials from our warehouse, and shelving – and even the shelving is usually made from re-purposed materials.

The best part of our STEAM Lab Makerspaces is that we incorporate students into the design and building process, teaching them tool safety and organizational skills along the way. When the Lab is complete, students feel empowered to use the space and take pride of ownership in the space. We even include a teacher-training workshop with the purchase of every STEAM Lab Makerspace, so that each school’s teachers feel fully equipped to use the space and this year we have added a Standards aligned Project Book to get you started! There are more than 120 Title 1 schools that have applied for STEAM Labs Makerspaces asking us to help them with grants to cover the cost. Let us know if your organization has grants that could help.

Have Funding In Place For Your Build?

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