Professional Development

We offer teacher training workshops in our warehouse and at school sites. In the last two years, 1,200 teachers have come through our PD program affecting more than 12,000 students. Several times per year, our early childhood education specialist facilitates a workshop called “Let Materials Lead the Way” for pre-K/kinder educators. The activities often change, but the overarching theme remains the same – getting comfortable teaching with open-ended materials. Our program director also facilitates K-12 PD workshops on an ‘as requested’ basis. These workshops incorporate the maker movement and the engineering design process into an integrated approach to curriculum development.
What makes us unique is that we customize our PD workshops to the needs of the teachers. If a school is just starting the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards, we will focus the workshop on integrating the eight Science & Engineering Practices into lesson ideas. If a school wants to focus on literacy, we will design a workshop that showcases how to use open-ended materials to maximize reading, writing, and motor skills connections.

Interested in booking a Two Bit Circus Foundation PD workshop?

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