Seeking LA local facilitators who have a background in coding to help with our Coding Crew program.

Facilitators will be requested to appear in person at the client’s location as well as continue their mentorship remotely after being on campus. This will be an ongoing program throughout the LA area from this fall to the next calendar year.

Requirements and further information:

• Prior knowledge of Scratch is preferred, but 2BCF will train you if you do not.

• The goal of Coding Crew is to train kids to teach other kids to code.

• There is an emphasis on tinkering and self-directed learning for at least some of every class.

• The curriculum is scripted for use by kids, adults can paraphrase.

• Utilizes a slide deck.

• Past facilitators have enjoyed how engrossed the kids get, it’s hard to get them to stop at the end of class.

• Hourly Rate: $30

• LA local must have transportation to the LA area.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please email with your resume and a cover letter. Thank you!

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