Dr. Maria T. Klein Innovation in Education Memorial Fund


Maria brought the glamour and sass of her Creole upbringing into the classroom. She was a dynamic teacher and remembered by many for her unwavering respect and admiration for the brilliance of children. This fund is dedicated to supporting innovative teaching and learning that embraces playful learning and thoughtful reflection.


Dr. Klein was the mother of Board Member Dr. Marcella Klein Williams


  • 298,620+ Students introduced to STEM/STEAM
  • Over 5,177 teachers trained
  • 570+ Tons of materials diverted from landfills
  • Global Cardboard Challenge participants over 1 million in 80 countries
  • Inventor’s Challenge participants 40,000 
  • Earth Day Cardboard Challenge participants 30,000
  • 160+ Imagination Chapters worldwide
  • 225 Million total media and digital impressions
  • 45,000 Total Carnival attendees
  • 641 Educators
  • 6,300 Spark Day student attendees
  • 8,820 Total students
  • 16,540 Workshops
  • 134 Library Branches
  • 8 Additional sites
  • 60% Low income
  • 53% Latino
  • 12% African American


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