Since our inception, we’ve been developing world-class curriculum for a variety of clients. Our standards-aligned projects are designed by seasoned education professionals, with an aim towards creating the most engaging STEAM programs possible. We meet kids where they are and create bespoke learning environments that honor whatever unique challenges their path has led them to.

Recent Clients

Case Study:

We’re building a “playbook” of lesson plan outlines for educational start-up ExoDexa. Our education team will develop 5 games consisting of 4-5 hours of instruction per game.

This process also includes running a curriculum test with a group of students and gathering data from that trial to inform modifications to the curriculum.

ExoDexa will use these playbooks to produce video games. Using world-class game designers to create and supply the finished games for the test in the student group identified by TBCF. ExoDexa will make adjustments based on the data from the test groups and prepare to take the games to market.

All games are standard-aligned and can engage both middle school and high school age groups