What We Do
Two Bit Circus Foundation is an international nonprofit dedicated to driving change in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education, in school and out-of-school contexts, by making learning playful, hands-on, and inspiring a sustainability mindset in our children.
STEAM Lab Makerspaces
We build STEAM Lab Makerspaces in schools and libraries to act as hubs for inspiring, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math learning. Our STEAM Lab Makerspaces begin with traditional hand tools and Sustainable STEAM Materials ready for upcycling, and offer expansions such as Fabrication (laser cutters, 3D printers) and Music (recording and digital production).
For those without room to devote to a full-scale STEAM Lab Makerspace, we take a scaled-down assortment of tools and materials and put them on wheels to make Making accessible to everyone. Also available tailored to NASA’s B.E.S.T. curriculum.
Trash for Teaching:

Sustainable STEAM Materials

At the heart of all our programs is one core principle: Innovation cannot help anyone unless it’s sustainable. The materials that fuel our programs don’t come from Amazon or the dollar store — they’re the scraps, spare parts, and overages manufacturing leaves behind, rescued from landfills and put into the hands of teachers, learners, artists, and inventors of all ages. Our Sustainable STEAM Materials can be provided to schools and school districts in bulk, and are available online or as part of a Materials Membership subscription.
Individuals or full classrooms can order one-off Playful Learning Projects or Quarterly Creative Challenge Subscriptions, with Sustainable STEAM Materials, open-ended prompts to engage the minds of young explorers—and maybe a cheat sheet for the adults. What you can learn is limitless: Some may want to keep it crafty, and others may be ready to explore microcontroller programming with our Circusduino and Circusduino Gear!
Educational Workshops
We provide direct facilitation and instruction on Sustainable STEAM topics in a wide variety of venues: in-class, standards-aligned lessons; libraries, after-school programs, and other out-of-school environments; for groups of all sizes; and, of course, the virtual sphere. No matter where the workshop, we merge academic rigor with playful pedagogy to provide kids and families with learning experiences that make a true impact.
Professional Development
The most sustainable way to get high-quality, playful STEAM education into the lives of kids is to empower those who teach them. We train teachers, librarians, and other types of educators how to apply a Maker mindset and sustainable innovation with the students they serve.
Curriculum Development
All our programs are driven by the original research and development that takes place at 2BCF. We design all our own curricula, and have also collaborated with partners such as American Honda Foundation and Medtronics, who want to use their reach to make an impact on education to create learning experiences of many kinds. And, as we believe that there is no learning possible without supporting the whole child, we draw upon Social Emotional Learning (SEL) techniques to make students of all backgrounds feel safe.
Global Education Campaigns
Ecological stability requires global connectivity. We have a number of campaigns that spread our Sustainable STEAM resources all around the world. Our Creativity Chapter network supports student innovation on 6 continents and our Global Cardboard and Inventor’s Challenges inspire with friendly competition and have been enjoyed by more than 2 million kids around the world.

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