Still A Black Star Creativity Toolkit


Still A Black Star Curriculum, inspired by Mago’s journey, provides a holistic curriculum that builds local and global awareness, environmental stewardship, and entrepreneurial opportunities through Design Thinking and the implementation of sustainability.

Still A Black Star’s curriculum is a student-centered, problem based challenge that is aligned with Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and is easily implemented by teachers and students in various core subjects.

STILL A BLACK STAR captures a remarkable chapter in the rise of an artist changing the world by starting in its most forgotten corner. Follow the extraordinary journey of the fearless artist/activist Mago Nagasaka as he traces the flow of waste & recycling from the world’s wealthiest nations to its final destination, a notorious e-waste dump in Ghana, Africa where the waste is burned to recover precious metals while poisoning the people and devastating the land.

Embedding in the settlement, Mago partners with the people of Agbogbloshie to achieve an audacious dream — to open an art museum in the middle of this notorious slum. Together, they work to transform their community through art and forge a powerful new artistic expression from the waste itself, sending it back ‘upstream’ to wake up the first world to the global e-waste epidemic.


Japanese painter Mago Nagasaka traces the flow of waste & recycling from the world’s wealthiest nations to its final graveyard, a vast e-waste dump in Ghana, Africa. Embedding in the slum, Mago applies his social arts practice to change the culture and create a new sustainable economy.


Two Bit Circus, an industry leader in media-based curricula, will lead program development and distribution of the Creativity Toolkits. Through their Trash for Teaching program, Two Bit Circus has hosted 16,500 STEAM workshops, engaged nearly 300,000 students and trained over 5,000 teachers in 27 states, and distributed creative curricula to 150 Chapters in 29 countries.

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