Dan Reding

Dan Reding

Makerspace Education Specialist

Dan is a veteran teacher with 12 years in the classroom. He taught multiage elementary, middle school math and science, and middle school engineering classes in Los Angeles and San Diego. Dan is originally from the Chicago area and moved to SoCal after college.

Dan is a strong proponent of constructivist teaching and project based learning in all aspects of teaching, but especially STEAM disciplines. He is skilled at classroom management of students as well as adults during professional developments.

Dan also is a maker and content creator. He posts about his maker and gardening journey on IG @dandys_farmla from his home-based urban farm and makerspace. He has a full woodshop with multiple 3D printers, laser cutters, and a DIY CNC. He would love to chat about gardening or making and he wants to help make your making dreams a reality!

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