Erin Kistler

Erin Kistler

Special Project Coordinator

Erin Kistler grew up in the Midwest before moving to Seattle to work in software development at Microsoft, where she spearheaded the project to move word count into the status bar for Microsoft Word. After making significant contributions at Microsoft, Erin's interests took a creative turn. After 6 years in the tech industry, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career designing games and challenges for competition reality shows and game shows.

This pivot marked the beginning of a new chapter in Erin's career which grew into a successful 15-year career as a television producer which included 4 years traveling the world with Survivor and working on RuPaul's Drag Race. Drawing on her extensive experience in both tech and people management, Erin decided to shift her focus towards a project with a meaningful social impact. Prior to joining the foundation, she spent a year as a Lead Product Manager at Food Oasis (a Code For America project), where she focused on operational efficiency gains and quadrupled the output of university volunteers in 6 months.

On the side, Erin is an AI enthusiast with a passion for ambitious large-scale art projects. Ask her about her Audrey Hepburn mural made of lipstick prints or the thigh-high alligator crocs she made. She is thrilled to join Two Bit Circus Foundation and combine her love of games & making with her project managing and producing skills.

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