Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown

Founder Emerita, LA Makerspace

Currently a graduate student at UBC Faculty of Forestry based in Vancouver. I research and write about forest therapy, wellness and build collaborations with organizations that focus on environmental monitoring. My newsletter “More Trees Please” explores science, technology, politics, art, and therapy and how they are all connected through forest spaces. The Interest Driven Life project explores how we can revolve our lives around our interests instead of fitting them into our ever decreasing spare time. I’m a passionate advocate for the more-than-human world and support efforts to protect ecosystems and species that are under threat.

As founder and CEO of KitHub, I developed STEAM education programs that focus on hands-on learning and environmental monitoring in formal and informal learning spaces. I co-founded the Los Angeles Makerspace, a nonprofit partnered with the LA Public Library in over 70 branches to facilitate hands-on workshops for kids in robotics, coding, e-textiles, and stop-motion animation. I co-founded the interest-driven learning startup Connected Camps and held the role of Technology Director for the Digital Media Learning Research Hub at UC Irvine.

I’ve been a regular columnist for Forbes and have spoken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Archer School for Girls, The White House, Caltech, SXSW, OSCON, MozFest, IFFF, Imagination Foundation, Rhizome, on topics ranging from women in tech, STEAM, DIY and following passions and interests.

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