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On behalf of the staff and volunteers at Two Bit Circus Foundation, thank you for your contribution to our organization. Your support is very important to us, as it helps further our mission to serve children in all economic situations by creating learning experiences to inspire entrepreneurship, encourage young inventors, and instill environmental stewardship.

If you’ve followed our progress since we were founded, you’re familiar with some of our milestones – the creation of our signature program, the STEAM Lab Makerspace; our deepening relationship with Two Bit Circus and our journey from to Two Bit Circus Foundation; our expansion of the STEAM Carnival event; our going global with the Challenges that capture the imagination and creativity of youth around the world; and, our recent emergence into the world of distance learning, which holds an entire new universe for us to learn and conquer. Now we hope to extend our reach by finding a new permanent home where students and educators can find a constant source of inspiration and resources.

None of the accomplishments listed above would be possible without the continuing generosity of supporters like you. Thank you, again, for your thoughtful gift.




Leah Hanes, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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